My Brother Betrayed Our Mum


I want to comment on guys being in a relationship with a woman and marrying another. It’s the same thing my brother did to betray our mom.

Back in 2014, mum had a beautician friend she wanted to connect my brother. The lady was a very good lady that mom really liked her.

My brother was living in another city and had never told mum he had someone he was or planning to marry. She was thinking that since both of them were in their prime they could get to know each other and probably get married.

So she took the beautician’s and gave it to her son. He never told her he had someone else and still went ahead with this beautician, slept with her and got her pregnant. When she told him, he told her to go and abort the pregnancy.

He sent his wedding invitation to us that very month. I really don’t know if it was the shock that made the beautician nearly lose her life or the termination of the pregnancy. All I know is that she nearly died.

When she told mum what my brother did to her and the termination of the pregnancy, my mum felt soo bad that she didn’t know what to do or how to console this friend of hers. He is my brother but since then I have never liked him for what he did. He was very wicked to her and betrayed our mum. It’s not like my mum knew he had somebody in his life but was forcing someone on him.

It’s high time our gentlemen stop being too greedy. If you know it won’t last just be honest about it. Make our dear ladies understand that you just want a fling and if she still wants to go ahead then fine. I really believe Karma still teleports to people’s lives and pays them squarely.
Thanks Auntie Abena.

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Written by Abena Magis

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