My Bride Price is Too Small


Good morning to you and your lovely fans.
My boyfriend and I are planning to get married so want to go and see my father for the Marriage List.

I recently overhead him my dad telling my mum on phone that, he will never charge any of his in-laws. All that he needs is one crate of coke, a bottle of kasapreko and one bottle of beer. Nothing again ooo????.

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So I asked him why and he said that, “when I charge my inlaw, what money is he going to use on my daughter?” He said, after he takes those items, whether his in-law wants a church wedding or whatever, that’s his back case.

So my question is that, how can a whole father charge less then GHS100 for bride price? I mean why?????. How can I let my father charge at least not less then GHS300?

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Written by Abena Magis

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