My Boyfriend’s One Night Stand is Having His Baby


Please I need an advice. I have been in a relationship with this guy for 2 years and this guy has all the qualities I want in a man. He treats me well.

In July 2020, I went through his phone and saw a chat he had had with his male friend. The chat was about a girl he had a one night stand with during the lockdown.

According to him, he gave the girl money to buy emergency pill because they were avoiding pregnancy. He later called her to find out if she took it and she said yes. A month later, she came back to tell my man that she was pregnant and that she doesn’t want it so he should give her money for an abortion which he did.

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I confronted him and he told me how it happened and said the girl knew about me and knew my man didn’t love her. That it was just a lustful desire. He apologised and I forgave him. Then in December 2020, this lady came telling him that she didn’t abort the pregnancy and she is 6 months pregnant.

Hmmm Auntie Abena my man broke the news to me and I didn’t take it lightly at all because we are preparing to get married only for me to hear this. I don’t know what to do now Auntie Abena. I’m so confused as to if I should go ahead and marry him. Also, how am I going to inform my parents about this? I’m afraid they won’t allow me marry him and I love him too.

He also said he will bring the child when the child is about 6 years old. Please advice me because I’m so confused.

Written by Abena Magis

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