My Boyfriend Tested My Love for Him


Please I’m here today for you and manofans to help me. A guy showed interest in me somewhere in 2019 but I didn’t mind him until August last year that i accepted his proposal. He was good, caring and all loving. Everything was okay until middle of November, he started complaining of feeling pain in his tummy. I insisted on him going to the hospital but he didn’t buy into the idea. 

He later on stopped picking my calls and within that same week I was also admitted at the hospital. On my third day at the hospital, he called me and was crying on the phone. He sounded like someone who was in severe pain This is what he told me in his own words), “please today might be the last time you’ll hear from me and I want you to keep what I’m about to tell you as a secret. I have Hepatitis B and I don’t think I’ll survive. Also I’ve another lady who is carrying my child. Sorry for the pain this will cause you.” I became speechless at once.

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Immediately he said that he hanged up so I called his friend who is an ambulance driver to check on him at his house for me. Upon his arrival, he found him almost dead and rushed him to the hospital. The good news is that after 2 weeks in the hospital he was discharged and came to see me in the house to ask me about my final decision that is if I still wanted to be with him. I told him the sickness is curable so with that I can stand by him but with the baby mama issue, I can’t because i can’t stand that. He respected my decision although he wasn’t ready to lose me. 

Now, for the past two weeks, he has been calling me saying he really wants to see me. He called me again yesterday and I told him I’m home so he should come. Hmmmmm. When he came he started crying and begging me for forgiveness that all what he told me were lies and it’s haunting. Him so he wants to tell me truth. He said he was sick though but he only tested me to see if I’ll be with him all the time.

Aunty Abena, the shock of my life oooo. Hmmmmm. He brought out test results to show that he doesn’t have Hepatitis B and showed me a video of the things he has already bought for us to get married. Eeeiiiiii. He says he wants me to be with him again because he can’t see himself settling with any other lady apart from me. I’m so confused now. Please what should i do? Should i go back to him or move on with my life since he didn’t trust my love for him and went ahead to test me? Sorry for the long post. Please help a sister.

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Written by Abena Magis

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