My Boyfriend Stakes Chacha


I really need advice on this issue. I’m very confused right now and have been thinking of needing an advice from a neutral source like yours. I met this guy and we’ve dated for two years going to three years.

Since l met him I’ve been the one taking care of him. l do everything for him and even after, he still call me for money. Requests like, “l need GHS500 to go and look for a job” or “GHS600 to go and see a man of God.”

He was a game boy so I decided to help him out of it. l have been giving him pocket money. Even money for him to buy prepaid electricity kraa I’m the one providing it for him.

One day he came to ask me for money as usual. He knows that it’s usually my brother I lie and take money from to give to him. So this time he asked for GHS500. I could’ve gotten it for him but I lied that I didn’t have.

Sometimes when I give him money, he will use it for chacha (betting) and they will take all the money from him. When l didn’t give him the money this time, he got annoyed and refused to talk to me, l didn’t mind him too. He was already owing me GHS3000 aside all the money l spent on and gave him oo hmm

Because he wasn’t talking to me, l told his mum everything he had been doing especially how he uses money to stake chacha. His mum got angry and told his sister too. Before then he’d threatened to break up with me if l ever reported him to his mum about him.

His mother must have confronted him because he called and told me that he doesn’t have anything doing with me again. By then too na l was going to a hostel to write Novdec so l asked him to pay me back my GHS3000 so l can pay my hostel bills since he said we aren’t dating anymore. l became very angry and stubborn and gave him a lot pressure a lot.

I threatened to have him arrested if he didn’t give me back my money. He tried to be stubborn so l gave his number to my brother who called and threatened to cause his arrest. This guy got worried and called to beg me that he’ll pay. Not knowing he didn’t have the money to.

l continued to give him pressure till he sent me GHS1000. When l was going to the hostel, he followed me that day and apologize to me that he was sorry about all that happened between us so l accepted him back.

He was with me for three days and did that same chacha again to give me GHS600. After l took the money he came to ask for GHS100 to stake chacha again. l gave it to him but they took that money from him. When he came to ask again, I refused which made angry so he left without talking to me. Did I care? No.

From there we haven’t talked till now. I’m still at the hostel writing my exams so l called him to give my money to me. He said he can only give me lorry fare. He is someone that can insult basabasa for anything happens between us but l don’t talk.

What should l do my dear, is this man good for me? Please hide my identity. Thank you.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. First of all, a guy who can insult a woman anyhow without thinking twice about it is shameless and irresponsible. Such guts are also likely to beat their wives or girlfriends as well.

    Secondly, he could have started a small business with the money he took from u instead of betting or using it unnecessarily.

    Please stay away from him. He won’t helo you.

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