My Boyfriend Says It’s Over Because I Didn’t Give Him Sex

Hello aunty Abena. Please post this for me. I’ve been dating this guy for 9 months now. This guy is loving, caring and handsome. I also developed a strong love for this guy.

On his birthday, I was not able to have sex with him bcos we had a party. I was too tired to make love but I told him I will wake up and make love with him. At night when I woke up and came close to him he said I should not touch him. I slept again but in the morning he told me it’s over between us.

I was sad and I cried begging him him that I’m sorry he should forgive me. But he said no so I was moody n sad that day. A friend came to the hotel, we had the party and he asked him, “why is your girlfriend sad and crying?” 

He told him that I did not have sex with him so it’s over between us and that’s why I’m crying. The friend pleaded on my behalf n he forgave me. Recently my guy has changed towards me. I one day went to his house and saw him coming out with a lady he used to buy clothes and shoes from her for me.

I asked him, “is that not the shoe seller?” And he said she called to escort him to a birthday party bcos I also went to a birthday party n I did not tell him. I allowed him go to the party with the lady. That night I came over to pick my things from his house but he was asking me, “is that what you want?”

I did not say anything and I left the place. We settled the case and came back peacefully. I was there when I heard a rumor going round that my guy is seeing another lady. When I asked him he said yes. That a girl has proposed to him so he is in love with her and she also loves him.

He called me that we should break up bcos I did not give him sex on his birthday. After this long time? I am getting mad. My heart is broken, I am frustrated 😭😭😭I don’t know what to do now. He broke up with me before he travelled. I will fight to take him back bcos I love him soo much😭😭😭am even sick ,am not happy ,he’s makes me happy 😭😭please advice me 🙏🙏

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Written by Abena Magis

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