My Boyfriend Says He’ll Get Prostrate Cancer If…


I saw a post about a lady who wants to get married before sex. I have faced a lot but will like to share one which happened in 2019. The man made all promises to me and one funny thing is he’s a married man ooo, I was staying in his mother’s house with two tenants.

He paid a visit one night bi and asked to join me in my room, the room was hot so we were sitting at the hall. Auntie Abena, this man started touching me and I left the room to the washroom room. I sat on the WC for sometime and fortunately he fell asleep by the time I returned. Three days after the incident he sent me a message to leave his house because he gave the room to me. I prayed to God and found new place.

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Auntie Abena, I can say I’ve passed through a lot but I still hold on to my virginity. Those who want to help me always demand sex and but I never give in. I will stay in my poverty than to sleep around.

Even now that I’m writing to you I’m still facing one. This guy is ready to help me but wants us to have sex because he says he might get prostate cancer if we don’t have sex now and wait till marriage. I want to use this opportunity to tell the young girls out there that they should be focused and never lose hope because I believe one day, God will surely make a way where there’s no way. Medaase (Thank you).

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Written by Abena Magis

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