My Boyfriend Says He Is Confused.


Hello auntie. Good morning please I have been following your page and I have an issue I want you and your fans to help me out.

I’m a lady 27years of age and by the grace of God I’m employed. I was once broken so much in a relationship so I decided that I won’t get married because I felt I can’t love someone again. So, I have been single since 2018 until May this year I met a guy who showed interest in me and I told him I wasn’t ready for a relationship.

He convinced me to reason with him and I said well let me try and see. I realized within a month we both were so much into ourselves. So he invited me over to his place so I get to know where he stays and all that. But let me bring in this: before I accepted his proposal I asked if he was single and he said yes and I asked when last was he in a relationship and he told me like 3months ago. He said that he broke up with his ex and he told me that it was because of religious differences so his ex says she has to move on because he didn’t want to join her. 

So, like a week ago he told me his ex called and wants them to come back together but he said no because that religious difference is still there but the lady said she was willing to change to be a Christian to marry him even if her family disowns her. So I asked what was his stand and he said he can’t go back to her and he has told her he has moved on but the lady said she won’t give up. Until two days ago I closed from work and he called.

During our conversation, he told me his phone’s battery was down and there was no light in his area so he will go to town and charge it and get back to me. I waited and he never called so I called and he told me he will call me back but he never did so before I went to bed I called. The number was off until yesterday in the morning I called it was still off until around 10am. He called to tell me he left the phone with a friend to charge and he just went for it so I asked if everything was ok with him he didn’t answer and dropped the call on me.

I called back he didn’t answer so later in the afternoon I called, he answered and said we should chat on watsup I said ok. Only for him to come to watsup and said I should give him sometime because for the last one week now, he felt he was confused between me and his ex. He asked for help and he was asked to distance himself for sometime so I should please exercise patience and give him sometime.

Auntie since yesterday I haven’t been able to sleep and I’m just restless please help me is there any meaning to what he is doing? Does he really love me or he is just taking advantage of me. Please keep me anonymous and let me know when you are posting it. Thank you.

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