My Boyfriend Messed Up My Relationship With The Married Man

Good morning Aunty Abena. On several occasions I have written to you but end up deleting my messages again because I’m scared of the judgment your audience will give me but please post for me I really need advice.

My story goes like this
I’m a lady of 27 years and I’ve been in a relationship with this guy for 10 years now. He claims he loves me and wants to settle down with me this year but there are some actions and behavior he puts on that is making me think twice about him.

Yes I know I once hurt him by cheating on him😢. I felt I was growing and had to settle down but anytime I brought up the issue of he meeting my people, he always said I’m too desperate and giving him pressure so I should relax he will see my people at the right time.


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Then this other man popped up and proposed marriage to me. Even though he was married with kids, I accepted him because he can marry more one wife(he’s a Muslim). Everything was going on well between the married man and I and he was willing to see my people and settle down with me last December.

Unfortunately my guy got to know about the relationship and confronted the man to leave me alone because he and I have gone too far and even preparing to marry me so the man accepted to let me be. I broke all connections with the man and apologized to my guy for cheating and he said he has forgiven me.

Them lo and behold I found out he was also cheating on me. I confronted the lady and this guy is still angry with me till now for confronting the lady. He keeps using abusive words in me and calls me names and the likes so out of anger I replied insulted him back. Now he’s using the insult as a care of that I’m disrespectful and bla bla. He’s saying that I should bare in mind that the fact that we are together doesn’t guarantee that we will marry .

Aunty this statement has being eating me up since. If he knew he won’t marry me, then why spoil the marriage plans with the married man? Why waste my time and now seeing me not to be a wife material to him because he’s ready to settle down?
Aunty please what should I do?

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Written by Abena Magis

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