My Boyfriend Married For Citizenship Abroad But Insisted He Wanted Me.


Hello sweet Abena. Please hide my Id as usual 🙂 I am really glad I’ve healed properly and now have the courage to update you on my happenings. I’m not here to seek counsel or advise from Manofans. I’ve done what I deem best. Please my story may seem lengthy but I hope it will get across to somebody and save them the stress. So yes my “boyfriend” brought me abroad like I told you before. Sister Abena I’ve ended the relationship. SAA NA ƆYƐ OBI KUNU.

Before I continue, I want to clarify something to your audience. Manofans, when people come out to tell you they brought their partners abroad and then claim that they’ve left them, kindly do well to listen to both sides of the story before passing final judgement.Thank you.

Abena I did what a good girlfriend can do in any relationship until I came to find out that this guy was married and has a child. He didn’t deny it but said it was for papers. Mind you, he’s in his late twenties. I’m only twenty five. His family came in and convinced me it was true and pleaded on his behalf . His friends also knew. Both family and friends convinced me to be reasonable and stay with him as he sorted it out. Can you imagine ?! Yes they were aware he did the marriage on the basis of citizenship, whereas this lady did it for love. They even said it was me he truly loved????. But NO, I didn’t heed to their advise.

Later I did my own findings and I realized that his wife loved him genuinely but he had a different motive. I’m a woman and could feel her pain. Honestly sis I wanted to stay with him but I just couldn’t. Whether his motive was pure or not it did not change the fact that he’s married with child.And up until now, I do not understand why he went to the extreme to bring me here.????

After I found out, things were never the same between us. We had arguments upon arguments over everything. Like everything just retroceded. I could not bring myself to trust him anymore. Then he started acting all insecure with me. Mind you, before I found out this truth we were planning to do the traditional knocking ceremony in September last year, which he had already bought the necessary items in full.

And trust me, during those times I was really hard in prayer, asking God to intervene and reveal. The funny thing is I was praying those prayers because of the evil forces in my family house. Rebuking, casting and binding all the forces in Ghana and beyond that was to prevent my getting married. Boi, saa na the problem was right under my nose. The forces in my family house had nothing to do with it . Efie foɔ ɛɛnim ho hweee. But Brethren, PRAYER works oh. It was through fervent prayer that all these came into light.The fact that he was married. It was really tough for me.

My heart was broken into a thousand and one pieces. One part of me wanted to stay and work it out but the other part of me said it isn’t worth the wait. Ever heard the saying “If you love someone , let them go and if they’re the one for you they would come back “ Not in my situation Abena. I had to let go for Good 🙁 And I’m not here to lie. It was hard. I confusedly kept going back and forth with him until I decided to seek counsel from Dad. I told him everything. And Abena, my dad is not on Facebook but I would like to thank God and him for being there for me all through my hard times. Countless times have I called my dad crying and explaining everything to him. He was never judgmental but always comforting.

He advised that the best way is to separate even though I told him I loved him still. My dad said I shouldn’t be the reason why he leaves the wife. I should not be a contributing factor for his actions. If he married her for papers like he claimed, he has to clean the mess and fix it himself but not drag me into it. My dad said I should never suggest he leaves the wife just to be with me. No. And I didn’t.Told him the ball was in his court.

Manofans it was hard. My heart was broken into pieces. My only consolation was Christ Jesus and my dad. I decided to move. This created a lot of issues between us. He started calling me ungrateful and all sort of names. Said I was a disappointment to him and even regretted bringing me here. He went ahead to say because I’m working now and earn money I’ve become disrespectful Hmm.

Sis, it was my conscience. I just couldn’t cope or be the reason for somebody’s failed marriage. He was the only man I loved and had. Yes, but he wasn’t mine 🙁 . Then he started threatening and abusing me verbally and emotionally. Mind you all this while I was praying to God for Mercy, Healing and Open doors. Because to leave him means I have to stand on my feet alone. I have nobody here, how then would I cope? But then I remembered the story of Joseph and how he prospered in a foreign land.

It wasn’t easy but I had to trust God on this. There was no other option. Then in a few weeks I had a job offer with free accommodation. That was my first opening. That was God telling me to move. This guy started threatening me. I paid no heed. I moved out with all my belongings. Then he became more verbally abusive towards me. He called me an Ingrate and a Disappointment. And he made mention of regretting bringing me abroad. But I didn’t care. What is wrong is wrong and my future is more promising than to wait until you divorce someone to marry me. No, and to me Abena, that equation was too long and insolvable.

Better he finds another student who will be willing to solve that with him. I know he’s going about telling people I’m a disappointment like he says to me. I have decided that I won’t look back because it hurts. God has been so good to me that I’ve been able to rent on my own and have a great job. I’m starting from scratch without him but it’s been a blessing in disguise.

So my dears, I am unashamedly SINGLE now and I’m proud and glad to know that I’ve been able to walk away from the relationship. Unlike me, some ladies would have stayed maybe because of the fact that the man has greatly “Helped” them in some ways but I stand to say that what is wrong is wrong and God is the owner of our destinies and not “man”.

You can’t eat your cake and have it back. No. Truly, indeed he helped me by bringing me abroad (which I will be entirely grateful for the rest of my life.) but making the right decision was entirely UP TO ME.

NB: Dear Manofans when you meet someone always Ask God to reveal their Intentions and True Character to you. This will save you the stress. If you’ve been able to read up to this part, gye wo two✌????. T for Tankya! ❤️

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