My Boyfriend Lied About His Wife


Hmmm, I’m broken and feeling stupid at the same time. I can’t believe I have been a side chick for close to five years. I met this guy when I was working as a community police officer. I didn’t know he had been married before when we started dating so along the line I found out and he brought the rings and papers to show they were divorced which I believed.

I started schooling in the College of Education in 2017, so I’m now doing my national service. I got pregnant 4 times along the line but he made me abort all of them. Hmmm this guy will show me pepper whenever I get pregnant till I give in to abort it. Fast forward, I found out he was cheating on me with the ex wife, so I broke up with him.

After some time he came back to apologize and even went as far as involving my pastors and my parents. I agreed to give him a second chance only to find out a few days ago that he has impregnated the ex-wife and they are expecting their third child. I took his 2 kids as if they were mine and treated them like my own anytime they came around.

Auntie Abena, I was so devoted in this relationship only to find out they were never divorced, they just separated so he knew they will one day get back together. The sad thing is all his friends call me side chick at my back. I haven’t confronted him yet. I lied to him that I’m pregnant and he said I should abort it😄 I asked why and he is not saying anything.

Please let the Mano fans advice me. I’m really broken but I can’t cry because there’s no tears coming. I know crying will lessrn the pain in my heart but it seems there ain’t any tears in my eyes. How do I overcome this pain? Should I ask him? Should I tell him I’m not pregnant but only wanted to know what he will say? Please alert me when you post it.
I will be reading the comments.

Written by Abena Magis

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