My Boyfriend Isn’t Serious About Us.


Good day.
I want you to post this and hide my identity. I’ve been dating this guy for five months now and I’m really in love with him.I’ve never cheated on him but I’ve caught him twice cheating.

The second one happened when I was with him just last week thereabout. He wasn’t around when the girl came. She entered the room without knocking and came and met me there. She greeted and told me she was looking for my guy. So I called my guy on phone and told him that he has gotten a visitor.

He asked me to give the phone to the girl and asked the girl to come and meet him somewhere. I told her to sit and wait for him. He got mad at me and asked someone to come and call the lady and they went out together .I wasn’t angry buh was hurt and waited patiently for him.

He came home late and called the girl in front of me and they were chatting happily. I got mad and went out and I also told him not to call me again. He called the following morning to ask if I was ok and he tried to explain things to me. I told a friend about what happened and she advised me to leave this guy buh I do love him and I’m not ready to let him go.

He told me he can’t leave the other gal cux she hasn’t done anything bad to him and he can’t leave me too cux he loves me. I’m in a dilemma now cux I don’t know if he’s really in love with me or making fool a out of me. Pls advise me.

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