My Boyfriend is Scared of Me after Helping Married Woman


I can’t stop laughing at something. My boyfriend says he’s scared of me and didn’t think I could be wicked. Though I’ve explained (which he understands) he’s still saying he never knew I could be that wicked.

So there’s this woman in my church who has been good to me. She’s a blessing. Auntie Abena, unless she doesn’t have but even if she doesn’t have, she’ll talk to someone to help you. Those of us whose school fees this woman has paid, we can’t count and I’m always grateful for her but her husband, that man is opposite ooh.

He’ll sleep with anyone in skirts and what makes the whole thing pathetic is that he’ll sleep with the girls in the same church. When he doesn’t have money for them then they’ll go to his wife for money. She didn’t know but my sister and I knew what he was up to.

So he started inviting my sister out. When she told me I told her no. If you go out with a married man then it means all the single guys in church are finished but the last time I checked, there were so many after her but she was being picky. She did listen to him and blocked him.

Then, this man brought his case to me. Telling me how he’s admired me for a long time. When I asked him if he knows I’m a sister to the girl he proposed to, he gave me some reason bi. It was just funny.

Fast forward, this man started forcing me to meet him. I’ll block him and he’ll use another number. He’ll meet me in town and give me money to buy lunch then he’ll call my sister too. We’ll tell him we’re not interested but it’s like he has a mental problem. He won’t listen to what you’re saying. It’s what is in his head that he wants to do. I told my sister I’ll show him.

I went to his wife and told her, “mummy, your husband is disturbing my sister and I and we’re tired.” This woman didn’t want to believe me so I showed her his messages on my phone. Then I told her of my plan.

I did a conference call 2 days later and arranged to meet him at a movie house. He didn’t know his wife was on the other call. He said we should meet there at 3 but I got there at 2:30 to wait for his wife. When he came, I went with him to one room and started some fake quarrel about him not having condom.

I told him I’ll buy my own condom because I don’t trust him. Then I went out to call his wife. Eiii auntie Abena, he was speechless. His wife was so disappointed in him. I left and went home to tell my sister. I told my boyfriend all these yesterday and he says he’s scared of me.

He cheated on me once and I forgave him so I don’t know if it’s because of that he’s saying he’s scared of me but I couldn’t be wicked to my fellow woman and sleep with her husband. The man is rich because he can give GHS2000 as TNT but my conscience won’t allow me.

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Written by Abena Magis

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