My Boyfriend is Refusing to Compensate My Landlady


Please judge this me. One morning as I was in the room about to join my boyfriend to work, I heard something fall at at where his car was parked. When I got there, I realized that he’d hit a plastic chair and plastic table with his car. They belong to my landlady so while on our way to work that morning we spoke about it and he said even if he hits a plastic chair there is no problem with that since it’s affordable.

Later my landlady called me to replace the items for her and I called my boyfriend to tell him to replace the items. To my surprise he told me he won’t buy it even if he’s the one who destroyed it. I’ve spoken to him twice about it but he said he won’t replace it. Auntie Abena, is he not supposed to replace the items? Which kind of ego is this one??

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Written by Abena Magis

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