My Boyfriend is My Friend’s DP

Dear Auntie Abena,

I want to see what the Manofans think about this. There’s this man l was going out with and it led to pregnancy. He is 42 while I’m 22 years. (I applied for school before this happened). Because the one taking care of me is my uncle, if he finds out l am dead.

l informed my man about it and also about my intention to abort it but he said l should think carefully about my decision. I confided in my mom and she advised me to keep it so I informed him that I will adhere to it. Therefore, he came to see my mom with his brother to let her know that he’s responsible for the pregnancy.

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Thinking about my education, a very good friend of mine that knows my in and out sent me to a hospital for criminal abortion of the 14 weeks foetus. I couldn’t tell my man about it and I kept it a secret from him. Unfortunately for me, a few weeks after that my mom passed away. He supported me by coming all the way from Kumasi with his friends to help us bury my mom.

Somehow, he found out about the abortion and since then he has refused to pick my calls nor reply my chats. l have come to love him so much that l don’t know what to do. What haven’t I done? I’ve apologized through sms, chats and voice note because he doesn’t pick my calls but all to no avail. Hmm.

I recently saw that my so called good friend, the one that took me to that quack doctor, has been using his picture as her DP. Meanwhile she doesn’t talk to me anymore and I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to think. What do I do?

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Written by Abena Magis

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