My Boyfriend is Getting Married Today


My heart is ripped off right now as I’m writing to you, my boyfriend is getting married today, Saturday ???????? We didn’t fight, he just stopped picking my calls and replying my texts. He passes right in front of my shop with a girl in his car. He comes around and chats with the guys there but never minds me.

I found out I was pregnant and called him for more than a month but he never picked. I went to his aunty to complain and she called him severally but he didn’t pick till I left. Later, she too stopped picking my calls. I had a miscarriage later on.

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One of his cousins is my close friend but she never told me the guy has a girl they all know until yesterday she posted their pre-wedding photos on her Whatsapp status. Abena do I curse this guy for making a fool out of me or I should just let it slide? My heart ???????????????? please keep me anon.

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Written by Abena Magis

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