My Boyfriend is Being Patronizing


Good morning. Hope you and your fans are good? I joined this page not long ago and I must say you guys are really doing a good job. Keep it up though.

Now to my story, I met this man while doing my internship program and we started talking after I fixed his spoilt flap. He has always been an amazing person to be with despite the fights we sometimes have. He has got me a business I do after school and it’s really helping but my problem is anytime we have an argument, he doesn’t talk to me for like days, the minimum is 2 days even though I apologize. He doesn’t apologize when he is wrong but rather quickly finds something to blame me for.

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One time I went to his house to wash while he was at work (I have his keys) we were not in talking terms but still felt I should perform my responsibilities. And so after washing, I texted him (because he wasn’t going to pick my calls) that he should go home early after work to remove the clothes from the line. He didn’t reply. After two days we got back to normal and through our conversation he told me not to go to his house in his absence and wash again because when I go I get scared of the place so out of fear I don’t wash the clothes well. At that moment I was like, “wow it this really coming from this you?

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One time too he gave me money to give to my mother which I gave to her. Later on when I asked for some, he immediately started calculating the expenses he made on me including how much he gave to my mother and what he could have used that money for. He is good and even in the process of opening a shop for me but sometimes the kinda words he says to me are very hurtful.

Anytime we have a fight, he will mention my ex’s name and go like, “were you doing this to (name of ex)? He is a divorcee with a son but does not have the child with him and I have never made reference to his ex wife like he does to me.

Now I’m doing my national service and want us to start planning for our future but anytime I ask him when he is letting his people meet my people he will be like I’m rushing too much.

I’m in my early 20s and wouldn’t want to have a baby after 30. I want to start making babies now so that by 30 I would be done. Anytime I say this to him he tells me I’m not serious and I’m not being sensible. Bla bla blah. Right now I don’t know what to do. You and your fans should please advice me positively. Thank you and sorry for the long post too.

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Written by Abena Magis

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