My Boyfriend is a Thief


Good day and God bless you for everything you’re doing for us. I really appreciate it paaa. Auntie, my boyfriend is a thief. Yes he is a thief.

We have been together for almost 3years now. I do business through buying n and selling. My money started vanishing since 2 years ago and I couldn’t explain it. I’ve lost everything mmm

How it started was, every time I bought things to sell, I’ll write the sales down but after the money won’t be complete. I got so scared thinking someone has been doing me juju at my work place. I even ended up losing my shop and everything because I ended up losing all my capital.

My guy lost his job and came to stay with me. A friend introduced a bank to that and went for a loane. After I started working, still my money started missing again

This time I told my friend to help me out. She helped me to set up a camera ???? which I did. Then guess what? I caught my boyfriend red-handed. Little did I know was the one stealing my monies. When I confronted him with the video, he couldn’t defend himself. He took the phone from me by force and left. Since that day I have not set my eyes on him. I need help on how to go about it and take my money back

It’s sad because I am still paying my loans. Hmmmm.

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Written by Abena Magis

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