My Boyfriend Doesn’t Want to Give Me Chop Money


Thanks for your good works. I need an advice from your fans please.

I am a nurse working in one of the hospitals, and my boyfriend is a level 400 university student, He hardly collects money from me with the mindset that I should save enough so that people don’t say he has been the reason for my bankruptcy . Trust me, when he needs money, he asks me to lend him some which he is faithful to pay on time.

Yesterday I told him when he starts his National Service, he would have to give me “chop money,” and his response shocked me. He boldly told me he wouldn’t but would only give me when the need arises. How can he say this to me?

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I tried pushing him harder to explain and he said, he will love to save some part of that money to raise money which he would use in paying his way out in securing employment for our future.

I thought he was joking so I later called him in the evening and he asked me that, why was I being so anxious about the GH¢599 he will be receiving at the end of the month whiles I am being paid in GH¢1000s. In fact this broke me especially when he even had the guts to ask me how much do I want him to give me, and would it be a daily money or monthly?

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Please, I further questioned him that, does that mean his friends who are doing their service don’t give their ladies money or not? Then he told me he is busy and wouldn’t love to revisit this issue when he calls. So I told him henceforth, if he needs any money for books which he pays back, he should look at other source because I will also be saving mine as well.

Please, am I doing the right thing? Kindly advice me. Don’t you think he would be stingy if I allow him to marry me in future? Though he sometimes gives me money and also buys me things when he has money.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. In fact I don’t side with you at all,you are being insensitive here,your guy is not even employed yet ,you are pushing housekeeping agenda to him,men don’t like to be played around with such mind game thought,allow him to decide on that, beside his agenda is good saving to push for secured job and you know bribe is taken before employed this days in Ghana,let him be fully employed after then you access him,beside what he request from you is lone and you admit that he pays you in good faith ,beside you should be given him money as a support for him to cross the bridge wai

  2. My Sister,I don’t agree with u. remember it is not easy to get a job in gh off late oo .he is the kind of guy who plans ahead. he wants the betterment of u two. he can save and give u money wen the needs arises. please. Don’t compare your relationship to others

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