My Boyfriend Asked When Have I Given Him Money


There is something bothering my mind and I have been having sleepless nights about it. Auntie Abena there is this guy I’ve been dating from 2019 till now. I’m someone that I don’t ask for money even if I am in need, it’s really hard for me to do that. This guy that I am talking about doesn’t care about anything and ever since I started dating him he hasn’t given me money before o.

Sometimes I will even unbraid my hair and go there for him to see me so that he could say I should take this money for my hair but he won’t do that. Note by then I wasn’t working. So when I started working, everything became normal and he hardly saw me so I decided to go and do a short course and ask him for a support. He told me that he also wants to go to school and I said ok.After that I tried to work hard so that I can go to the school, I started and everything was normal for me but on the way I became stranded and needed a helping hand.

But he still refused to help me. Meanwhile he hadn’t started school yet oo so all my colleagues were asking me whether I don’t have a boyfriend. I used to tell them that we were having issues and that’s why he is not helping me. Yet anytime he feels like having sex then he will call me and start saying he has missed me. I will tell him that I haven’t missed him then he will say that he will change but the moment he finish chopping pee then he starts doing his things again.

The last time I told him that ever since we started dating he hasn’t given me money before. He also asked me when have I given him money before. Meanwhile I used to give him gifts. Please guys advice a sister ok. Iam already tired of this. Please hide my identity.

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Written by Abena Magis

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