My Boss’s Wife’s Choice


My boss’s wife (who also works in our department) recently introduced me to a young man who I guess she feels is a perfect match for me- though unsolicited.

In introducing him, virtually everything he owns was mentioned to me, probably to make me interested in him. The gentleman hasn’t said anything about wanting a relationship with me though he calls and texts me every day. Most of our lengthy conversations from the beginning were about how he acquired the things he has and how lucky I am to have met him.

There hasn’t been a single interesting conversation with him because to sum it all up, he sounds really immature and he will just not allow you to talk, so I started avoiding his calls and hardly replied his texts.

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The other day I asked him what my boss’s wife told him before introducing us, then he opened up. He had actually asked the couple ie both my boss and his wife to get him a lady he could marry. I guess they introduced me because I’m the only single lady in that department now. Some colleagues told me that I’m not the first to be “paired” and that it’s something the couple do often.

This couple seems to be encouraging the young man because after telling him I’m not interested, he got angry and said a lot of unpleasant things only for me to wake up the next day to his usual routine of texting and calling me unnecessarily. I’m sure he relayed my response to the husband and wife, knowing them, they might have asked him to “apply more pressure.”

How do I decline the offer politely and not make them feel “disrespected?” I know the lady will be asking me questions tomorrow, meanwhile, I blocked the young man’s number this morning.

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Written by Abena Magis

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