My Boss is Sleeping with My Best Friend’s Girl


I’m a young man who works as a PA to one of the Ministers in this current administration. My boss is flirting with my best friend’s girlfriend and I don’t know what to do in this situation.

This is how it all started.

We went to Koftown for a program. My best friend and his girl are residents of Koftown. When I was doing my National service in Koftown, she used to prepare fufu for me so I told her to prepare fufu for my boss and I on this trip.

I sent her money immediately we set off from Accra. She brought the food to our hotel in the evening. I introduced her to my boss. After we finishes eating, I told the driver to drop her off at home because the place wasn’t okay for her to hang around considering she’s my friend’s girlfriend.

Auntie Abena, you can therefore imagine when I went to knock on my boss’s door the next dawn only to see her on his bed. I was shocked and couldn’t say anything to her.

My friend is jobless and I’m pushing my boss to find him a job. Because of that, I can’t tell my boss the lady is my friend’s girlfriend. I know the man is really pushing to secure him a job and hopefully he could be employed in one of the most lucrative financial institutions in ghana. I mean Bank of Ghana.

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Now my friend is suspecting the lady of cheating. Should I tell my friend, he may think I connected her to my boss.

The lady is also refusing to understand me. She doesn’t want to leave my boss to protect my friendship because of the goodies she is getting from him.

My friend is what we call “a brother from another mother.” I stayed with him for a whole year during my national service days. He will do anything to see me as a happy person. Should I tell him?

I’m worried the lady can cause a misunderstanding between me and my boss and my friend might not even get his job. But what if my silence means my friend will get the job and have a better future? I want that for him.

Honestly, I’m at a confused state of being. Even as I write now, the lady is with us on a campaign trail. Advice me! I’m very much confused.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. My brother, you have done little damage, but don’t blame yourself too much. The intro was needless or you should have made your boss aware she’s your friend’s gal.
    She being with Mr Minister, is her choice. She doesn’t deserve your friend and your friendship, because she couldn’t wait for sometime but just hopped into Mr Minister’s bed.
    Sit your friend down and tell him everything, let him decide, before that brother from another mother Bond is broken.
    I believe the job will be Ideal choice to wait on, because he is lost already.

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