My BF Caught Me with My Ex


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Now to the case…
I’ve dated my guy for the past 3 years and we cool until he stopped having sex with me. It’s been 8 months since then and I get so horny that I’ve been worrying him for sex for the past 2 months, still nothing.

I was sexually frustrated so last Sunday, just this past Sunday, I met my ex and we went some distance to get a guest house for a quickie. As I was returning, my guy called and picked me on the way so I had chang location. He met and picked me to my place and went back.

Hmmm, auntie Abena, can you believe my guy saw me entering the guest house and waited till I came out to pick a cab? Since that Sunday, he wasn’t really cool with until yesterday when he asked me. I’m soo shocked and ashamed. He says I should tell him who the guy is and why I did that. He says he still loves me but I am not sure I can stand him anymore. I am so ashamed.

Written by Abena Magis

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