My Bae Has another Boo


My bae has another boo. I’m willing to fight for her love but need advice on what to do because I’m confused.

I met this lady more than four years ago before she gained admission into college. We kept in constant contact but I didn’t propose until her last paper in the final year. She was like “hmmmm. You’re too late oh.” When I asked her she said a guy proposed and she accepted.

This was a girl even when we were both in school I helped out financially. There were times after I sent her money, she would tell all her friends and even her mother. I didn’t think about it as a big deal though because we are in this world to help each other.

One day, I helped her to pay for her licence exams. She posted my picture on her status to thank me. A few days later, a guy sent me a medsage on Facebook. Lo and behold it was her boo trying to persuade me to leave the girl. I didnt mind him.

About three weeks ago, she came to me to my station. We had a good time together and she told me she loves me. Her only problem was the guy had gone to meet her father.

When she was about leaving my place, she told me to impregnate her so that the guy will stop disturbing her.

I’m willing to fight for her love but sometimes if I message her, she will take a long time to answer and so many excuses. I’m running out of patience but if I complain, she will quickly apologise

She will even be coming here next week. What should I do? Help me. I really love this girl. Good morning auntie Abena.

Written by Abena Magis

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