My Baby Mama is Threatening My New Woman


I am Richard, I got involved in a relationship six years ago with a Krobo lady and then later we got married traditionally. After that she got pregnant and I caught her sleeping with another man while still pregnant. I loved her I decided not to tell anyone about it. Though it was very hard for me, I tried to forgave her.

After she delivered she forced me to wait for six months for me to have her again but she rejected me anytime I asked for sex. Then one day I went to work and forgot something. When I came back, another man was sexing her on my bed so I called people around to bare witness for me. After that incident on that very day, I came back from work and she had packed up all my belongings: everything including teaspoon from my room leaving me with nothing.

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The painful part is she left my baby who was only six and half month on me and left. I took the baby to my mum and now the baby is three years. Now, I’ve fallen in love with another lady who is very caring and loving. She supports me in everything and makes me happy.

The problem is my baby mama has came to apologise with her family after so many years. Because I refused to agree to it, my baby mama has gotten hold of my new lady’s details and threatening her always through texting and social media, now the lady I have now is getting fed up. Please auntie Abena, let your fans give me an advice on what to do. THANK YOU

Written by Abena Magis

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