My Baby Daddy Doesn’t Want Me to Go to School


I have gained admission to study at a university but my baby daddy says he won’t allow me go to the school. His reason being that, I failed Maths in my WASSCE results and I applied for the admission as a mature applicant but they changed the program I applied for and gave me a different one.

I’m in Accra, and the school is in Kumasi. I have stayed at home for almost 3 years and my baby is now two and a half years. Auntie Abena I need help, should I listen to him and stay home for another year? He is the one who will pay the fees because I don’t have a father and my mother is taking care for my siblings.

He is refusing to allow me to work and save money too. What should I do? I’m in such a tight corner. Please help.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. It’s a sad development to have gained admission and being told not to go. It is even more worrying when the person instructing you is your breadwinner. I think he is thinking of the distance and the fact that you both have a baby to cater for. Is your mom capable of handling your baby? If yes, talk to your guy to reconsider his decisions and reassure him that distance won’t be a problem.

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