My Aunt Is Treating Me Like A Child.


Please hide my identity.

As part of the newly posted nurses, the region I had is very far and I decided to do reposting. And we all know, you pay money before a work is done. My boyfriend whom we have been dating for 8years planning and planning for marriage paid so I will get a region close to him and to my family house.

I didn’t tell my auntie who I’m staying with that my guy has paid. My auntie too will be saying that she believes God to do a miracle. That my region will be changed without any money involved. This made me not to tell her that my guy has paid. She later called this Rev. Fada who said he will do it for me for free and get another region which is also far but better than were I was posted to.

The man doing the reposting for me to my preferred region has also not done it. Yet, he says the lists are many but it will pull through with100% assurance. Now the issues at hand is that if I follow my auntie, my guy will stop minding my business.

He tells me I’m still a child, I’m not ready for marriage cus I can’t stand up to my aunt and tell her I have made my own decisions. My auntie too says she will wash her hands off me. But my guy too has been the one providing all my needs. The issue is my aunt is over protective of a 27 years lady.

My auntie does what suits her and never agrees to your decision. As of now the reposting too is still not in. I’m confused and don’t know what to do. My guy gave me this idea to tell my aunt that she should tell the fada am sick so he should gimme small tym so I wait for the connection man.

But still this woman’s says God has paved a way, they won’t take money. I still want to pay, the money too is not hers. She is even not working; not to talk about been able to provide all my needs.

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