My Abortion Story – He Didn’t die


Please help me to share my story on abortion and how I still regret it to this day

My grandma died after I completed my SHS. By then I was living with my aunt. We all went to my hometown for the funeral and we spent about a week there. You see, this my aunt was an asthmatic patient so one day she sent me to buy her drugs.

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The pharmacy was far from our home and because it’s a village, it was difficult to get a car so I decided to walk back. Luckily I met my cousin’s friend who was riding motorcycle. He offered to give me a ride which I gladly accepted. He told me he will be going to pick something from his mum’s room before going so I should come with him. After that, he will go and drop me off. Foolishly I trusted and followed him to his house. It was drizzling that day. Not knowing this guy had planned to do something bad to me. He invited me to wait for him in his room, locked the door and raped me. I actually fought with him but he succeeded.

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I went home feeling very sad for myself. I could not tell anyone. I never had his contact to also confront him. Therefore I decided to move on but I got to Accra and a month later I realized I was pregnant. I never told anyone except for a friend whom I knew had done several abortions. She told me to buy a particular drug and showed me where to get it. I bought and took it but no baby came.


I got scared. I called some people at the village and was able to get the guy’s number. When I informed him about the pregnancy, he did not deny it. He told me to give birth but I said no because I would be going to school. He said okay and directed me to go a hospital here in Accra with a sum of 500 gh and see a midwife friend of his. I got there, she took the money and asked me if I want DnC or pills.


I decided on pills because I didn’t want my family to suspect me should something go wrong. I was told to come for review after am done. The pregnancy was then 9 weeks and 4 days. I came home, took the drug and bled paa. I never went for the review


I soon gained admission into a Teachers Training College. I was 19 years then. After a month I still wasn’t seeing my period and I was always sick. I then went to a hospital and I was told I’m pregnant. What a shock. The pregnancy was now 5 months 2 weeks old. I still had a flat tummy because of my structure. I couldn’t hide it anymore so I told my family.


My aunt and dad said I should remove the pregnancy and go back to school. I told them I can’t. I was withdrawn and stayed home to give. I gave birth to a nice son

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It’s been 4 years but the dad has refused to help me. My parents have ignored me because I decided not to remove the child. My younger sisters are currently in the university whiles I’m at home. Life has really been bad to me. It was not my fault to get pregnant. The years have gone by but I make sure to work and take care of him. I will still continue my education even through the storm. I have not lost hope.


One thing about this whole incident which pains me a lot is that the drug affected my son. His toes didn’t completely form. I have learnt from my mistakes and I still have faith in God


My advice is that abortion is bad. Just last week, my younger sister who is 16 years told me she got pregnant but my aunt aborted it for. I’ve even seen my aunt’s daughter who is 17 years taking postinor 2.. I can’t talk. Who am I? They’re doing all these things but I am the bad one because I decided to have a child.


Thanks for sharing my abortion story

Written by Abena Magis

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