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My Abaa Kofi Has Disgraced Me


Good morning to one of the most influential personalities of our time. We love you Abena. Your boy is locked up in the mind this very morning. I met this slim cute nurse ( in fact very smallish) about some months ago. She was my SHS mate so it wasn’t really difficult connecting together when we met. We both liked each other and started dating about a month ago.

Auntie Abena, this girl came around yesterday and we had some romantic touches which led us to doing the do (our first time though). I really “mean” this girl as I always imagined her cute body on my bed. After some dry licking? and hard sucking ? I released, I immediately penetrated but couldn’t last more than 1 minute.

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I tried so hard to erect again but all possible means proved futile. Auntie Abena, I couldn’t erect again for the rest of the whole night though she tried sucking again, kissing and romancing in all ways but still “ke aa ne ke” abaa Kofi said he wouldn’t even raise its hand let alone its head?This girl was so upset with me that she woke up at dawn and left without telling me anything let alone take money for transport.

She only left me a text that reads “I suck you hard and all you could do was to leave me as a lying fool on your bed right, the worst experience ever.” This is my first time experiencing this. I am a type that doesn’t take in drugs for sex but can still fuck for like 7-10 mins, cum and still have my dick hard for like another 10-15 mins (all in 1 round).

I want to know from my fellow guys here if anyone has experienced this before and to the health workers, what could actually cause this? I am so devastated and feel very shy and useless right now because this was a maiden match and I lost it pɔtɔɔ?. This thing has really affected my confidence in front of her. She isn’t even picking up my calls anymore, am I losing her???‍♂️ I wish could have a return leg and redeem myself??

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Sex can be compared to the game of football, the more you practice, the more u gain stamina. So it could be as a result of not engaging in sex for quite a period of tima.
    A possible return encounter may reedem you.

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