Must My Woman Share Our Sexcapades on Social Media?


I want to discuss something with you. Please share it for me, I’m okay with text or audio story, any form is ok with me. My question is must everything you do for your women end up on social media including sex?

My woman and I have been dating for 5 years and now living together. I went to do her Knocking last year during the Lockdown but after her father got sick, we had to postpone it. The man passed away in November so we agreed to wait till he’s buried and the family agreed for her to move in with me. She’s a good woman and makes life very simple for me that I don’t see myself with any other person except her.

My only problem is she talks too much. Not just to her family ohh but on social media. With her family I’ve been able to curtail certain things but on social media it’s something else. My sister last year sent me some posts my woman shared in a group talking about how I treat her by buying her gifts, taking her on shopping sprees etc and some of the ladies were telling her she was lying so she shared photos of the things I bought for her and places we went to. My sister sharing that post made me understand why all of a sudden so many ladies were sending me friend requests and asking me on messenger if I didn’t mind being friends. I warned her and she went to delete the posts but the harm had been done already. I still get requests occasionally.

During Christmas, I had to force her to delete photos of the places I took her to. I did those things for her and as our private memories. If I’d wanted it on social media, I’d have shared it. She deleted them and posted some other pics of food we ate so I decided to let it go.

Just yesterday, a colleague who knows her sent me posts from a group she recently joined. She realized my woman was also there and went to search for her posts and I had to contain my anger. This girl never listened to me. Any picture I told her to delete ended up in that group and what made me angry was she’ll talk about how I treat her sexually. This girl! Talking about how big my dick is, the things I do to her and using me to teach other girls how to take big dicks! I was shocked.

I sat her down last night to find out what’s wrong with her and why she has to go to that extent and she said I’m hiding her that’s why I want her to hide me. Hiding her? She’s my dp on all my handles and her picture is in my office. Anytime I do a live video her picture is so clear in it. My problem is can’t what we do in private stay private? Is it so wrong to create our own memories without having to post every picture in our gallery on social media?

If I’m wrong please let me know because she’s not talking to me because of what I said. Thanks.

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Written by Abena Magis

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