Mum Says He Doesn’t Have Animonyam


I have an issue and I’d be very glad if you post on your page for me. I’m in my mid twenties and in a 2 month old relationship. I knew my man during uni days but we were just friends. We got reconnected recently and started dating.

He has really taken me serious and wants us to settle down asap. However, I took him home but my mum doesn’t like him. She claims he doesn’t have animonyam, as in I’m far prettier than him. Kyresɛ ɔnfata me???? (He doesn’t deserve me).

My man doesn’t known this as my mum welcomed him very nicely. He says we should start buying our marriage items but this have left me really confused. He’s a teacher in one of the public schools in Ghana and I also got recruited recently.

My mum keeps telling me to leave him and take my time that Im still young. She feels I’ll meet someone who will compliment me. I feel he’s a good man and as such will be a great husband but do looks really matter?

I’ll be very grateful to get advice as this is giving me sleepless nights. Marriage is a big deal for me and I don’t want to have regrets. God bless you for your good works.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. My dear it is not your mother that will marry for you. It is indeed true that we need to listen to our mothers but the reason mom gave is senseless (forgive me to say).
    Ten to twenty years from now you will curse your mom and yourself if this man falls into another woman’s arms and he treat her right.
    Marriage is not about beauty but about one who will care, love and support you.
    It is your decision to make though.
    If your dad or any father like person is in your life you can ask him for advice

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