Mom Doesn’t Want My Sister’s Fiance to Do The Right Thing


Good day to you and your family. There’s a problem I want to put across. Sorry for the long story. My sister’s fiance is in Ghana while she’s in Amsterdam. She used to come down every 3 months but since last year she hasn’t been coming down. Anytime our mom asks her she says she wants the COVID to settle down because she’s asthmatic and hypertensive and, wants to be careful.

Now last year, her fiance started putting up a secretive attitude anytime i wanted to go and clean his place and wash for him. At first, he could leave his phone on the center table if he’s doing something but suddenly stopped. Even if he forgets he will come and pick it. I didn’t want to think evil and didn’t tell anyone until last year November he started giving me excuses whenever I wanted to go there. I told my mum and she told sis. The following day, she told me to go there and I went.

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I didn’t go there in December and because of school didn’t go last month. It’s last week that I went there. He asked why I haven’t been coming there anymore and I told him it’s because of his attitude. He confessed to me that a girl he had a one night stand with has given birth and he doesn’t know what to do. That her family had wanted him to marry her before the naming but he’s been able to cool them down because he doesn’t want to disappoint my sister.

I was shocked and went to tell my mum but she says I shouldn’t tell sis now because she might go into crisis. That we should wait since she’s said she’ll come down before September but by that time the baby will be almost 1 year old. Then I asked her to confront the guy and find out exactly what happened. She said no, that’s between my sister and him. Tell him to tell my sister too she says no, unless she comes down.

How will my sister forgive me but mum still says we shouldn’t tell her because the last time we told her something serious, she was hospitalized for 3 days. What do you think I should do? She sends him money every month.

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Written by Abena Magis

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