Mixed Feelings – Campus Fiction

Episode One

Jason just had a call from a friend informing him about the end of semester examination time table been posted on the notice board. He then became very happy for one reason.

Emerald, the most beautiful girl in his class will be visiting him more often for tutorials. She did the same the previous semester. Jason said in his thoughts.

“I won’t let this opportunity pass me by this time. I will do everything in my possible best to teach her well and also entertain her well for her to agree to my proposal when I tell her.”

In a joyful mood he dressed up, buckled his shoes and as he was about to open his door, he heard a knock. “Knock, knock.” He opened it and it was Diana, his class rep, a very pretty and gorgeous looking girl.

Her daddy holds a honorable post in the country and almost every lady on campus wants to be her and almost every guy wants to date her. Apparently she was in love with Jason who in return did not feel the same at all.

Jason on the other hand was brought up in a God fearing Catholic home. A shy guy but had the looks to lure every lady. When he saw her, he said, “hi Diana, I was just leaving to campus to copy the exams time table.”

Diana replied, “oh Jason. I’ve told you many times I prefer you calling me Lady Diana. Anyway I came here because of the same reason. Here is your copy.”

Having said it in a romantic voice she handed a neatly copied time table to Jason. Jason said “thank you. That is so kind of you.” He collected it and intentionally told her he was going to see a friend and then he left. Diana knew he was just avoiding her as he usually does.

With a disappointed look, she left to her hostel which was just a few blocks away from that of Jason’s. On her way home she decided to come back at night to seduce Jason and nothing is going to stop her from getting her man…….

To be continued…..

By Gesus Essuman

Written by Abena Magis

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