Marriage of Convenience


  • My boyfriend is a NABCO Trainee but I’m not working
  • He can’t afford to marry me
  • My dad wants me to enter into a marriage of convenience
  • My dad knows about the two of us

Good evening. Please I need an advise. My boyfriend and I have dated for 4 years and in our fifth year. He’s a NABCO trainee and earns GHS700 every month and I have also completed nursing training waiting to be posted. He wishes to marry me but has no permanent job and he’s staying with his parents as well.

He doesn’t want to marry and still be in his parents’ house because he wants to have a permanent job before he gets married. My dad is in the U.K and has been giving me pressure about my boyfriend and they chat a lot of the times.

Now, the problem is my dad has arranged with his male friend over there to use his papers to get married to me and take me to the UK. Seriously this man wants me to be his wife aside the deal. I’m afraid that even if I decide not to stay with the man after taking me there, my dad wouldn’t watch me to stay single all in the name of my Ghana boyfriend. I love this guy too. Please let ur fans help me on the right decision to take. Thank you.

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Written by Abena Magis

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