Man of God Wants to Sleep With Me


Good evening Maa Abena. I trust you and the mano people are doing well. Maa Abena I am here again but this time, I want advise on how to collect my gh¢50 from a guy called himself man of God

About a week ago, I and my sister went to buy food stuff from a woman who stays around. When we got there, we met a guy there. He was looking at me and laughed before going outside from the shop. I asked the woman who he is and she told us he’s her brother and very powerful man of God.

She thought that maybe he saw something about me so she called him and he came back. He told me to pray hard because he saw that I’m about to get married but I have to pray hard because there were a lot of evil eyes watching me. He went out again so his sister (the shop owner) told me I have to take it serious because he’s a powerful man of God. Hmmm see me see trouble oo

We only went there to buy our casava but why receive a prophecy? I was confused, same as my sister too, so that “man of God” called me and told me I have to give him money for him to buy some items for the prayers he wants to do for me. I told him I don’t have money on me. I went back to tell my sister, who told me to give him gh¢50.

l gave it to him, and he told me to call him in the evening so we talk. He gave me his number and in the evening I called him. He told me that GH¢50 won’t buy anything so I have to add GH¢300 to it. I told him I can’t get that money so we’ll call him the next day. The next day I went to his sister’s place again and told her everything.

She told me she will call him to help me. The next three days he called me himself to tell me I should give him a girlfriend and I told him I don’t have friends. He then said I should try and find the money for him to help me. I didn’t call him again until yesterday when he called me and told me that since I don’t have money, I have to give him my vagina.

He wants to chop me oo. He wants to chop me before he prays for me. I first thought he was joking but the way he continue calling me since yesterday means he wants to chop me mpa. How can I give him my Akosua Kuma while he knows I have someone? I told him I need back my GH¢50 because I am not interested in that but he told me I should not dare him.

Please help me. I know that money is nothing but the way he wants my thing no I can’t think far. I have to get back my small money but how? Thanks but help a sister na ketewa biaa nso ??

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Written by Abena Magis

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