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I’m a girl of 28years old and dating a guy younger than me. He’s 26years. Auntie Abena, we both live in UAE ?? and have been dating for 1 year 2 months. When we met, I wasn’t into him that much as I never wanted to be in a serious relationship but just to fuck and move on with my life. Unfortunately it turned another way round.

I wasn’t working at that time due to the pandemic, he begged me to come stay with him so that I won’t spend money on rent since I was not working. I moved in with him. Everything was going on well and I begun to love him more than I expected. He got me a job and his behavior towards me changed. He will go out and come back drunk, I’ve to carry him like a baby n wash him several times. ? I did everything for this guy.

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Fast forward, I saw a chat between his ex girlfriend who’s in Ghana and him ?? telling her that he loves her. The lady replied, “whiles you’re sleeping dating someone?” ? I asked him if I am not good enough for him! This guy then told the girl was sick was just trying to make her happy. Mama I loved him so much!

We moved to another place and I gave him my first salary and even did shopping for him ? I did everything just to make him happy! He’ll leave me at home and go with his girlfriends even when I am seriously sick. He insults me front back center and has no respect for me?

Hmmm even on my off days I will be in the house morning to evening without stepping outside all because I was doing wife material course. Mama when we’re walking this guy will distance himself far from me.

God being so good I got a good job with a good salary and moved out from his house. He told everyone that I left him after everything he did for me but he was the one pressuring me to leave because of the distance from my work place to his. Auntie Abena I was broken, lonely ? had no one to talk to!

Unfortunately my ex visited me and we had sex, I forgot to delete our chat and my guy saw it . He cried but fucked me the same night! To cut the story short, my guy never shaved his private parts ever since we met, I asked him why and he said in their family they don’t shave. He came to my place next day after his birthday in April 2021 and he’d shaved his armpits and down there also: I was really surprised! He told me not to come to his place until he wants me to come!

Auntie Abena, just last night I went to his place n saw a ladies pants, pad and earrings. Guess what he told me when I confronted him? He said it isn’t my own ? How can that big pants be mine! Auntie Abena, I had 2 abortions with this Niqqa! Even now as am talking I’ve missed my period

I want to curse him because he has made me useless ? the guys here in UAE ?? are so cruel to we the ladies here. I need an advise.

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Written by Abena Magis

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