Living With an HIV+ Partner


Greetings ….

Please I want you to share on your page for others to share their stories or if possible groups people can join concerning Serodiscordant couples (Couples with one partner being HIV Positive and the other HIV Negative)

I met this lady who later opened up that she is HIV Positive. I want us to start a relationship and if possible marriage. This is because I feel she is a good woman and will be a good wife and we love each other though I have known her for 2 years. She sometimes feel surprise at my decision.

Couples or people in such relationship can share their stories (the difficulty, stigma, sexual life, giving birth etc) for some of us to learn.

It is interesting how beautiful she is, nothing shows she is HIV positive, I even refused to believe it until we both got tested.

Thank you.
Kindly post for me.

Written by Abena Magis

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