Letter to My Husband Nana Yaw


I’m begging you to allow this on your site for me to address my husband, Nana Yaw who is your top fan. I’m Linda so that he’ll know he’s the one I’m talking to.

Auntie Abena, I want to ask my husband Nana Yaw to tell me what exactly I did to be treated this way. After 2 months of marriage, I don’t know where my husband stays or how he eats or sleeps. Neither does he know where I live now because of some reasons he’s refusing to tell me.

During counseling, the couple who counseled us asked that if we hold anything inside us, we should feel free and say it. If we think it’s too heavy for our mouths, we can either write a letter or send a text message. All he said was “hmmmm.” They asked him why he said that and he said nothing. I tried to let him tell me but he convinced me it was nothing.

I begged him two days before we got married to tell me if there’s anything that will hinder the success of our marriage. Auntie Abena, I’ve been following you for more than 3 years and I was scared to enter into a marriage and suffer. I begged him on my knees to tell me if I’ve done anything because I could feel he was holding something back, he was hiding something from me. What he told me is that he’s feeling pressure from the wedding preparations and nothing more.

Auntie Abena, on our wedding day he enjoyed himself more than me. He was so happy and kept telling me to be happy because how he was behaving was different from some days before. I relaxed and also enjoyed the day.

We went for our honeymoon for 3 days and he had a headache so we didn’t make love that much and came back. I fully moved into his apartment. He went to work on Friday and around 3 PM called me that he’s traveling to Accra for the weekend. Before any questions from me, he ended the call and the phone got switched off.

It was off from Friday till the following Tuesday when he told me he was back at work. I asked him why his phone was off for all those days because even his parents called him and couldn’t get him. He gave me some long excuse of his phone spoiling so he couldn’t charge but later told his friends he left the phone at a friend’s house.

When they told me this, I confronted him to tell me which friend that was. That’s all. That’s my crime. He got angry with me so I asked him why he was acting all defensive? Was the friend a lady? Was he cheating on me? He got so angry and cut the call. After refusing to pick my calls, he blocked me. He’s blocked my mother and two sisters too.

My family invited his family to a meeting last month to ask them what was going on. He told his family that they shouldn’t expect him to come there if I’ll be there.

Auntie Abena, till today, I don’t know what I’ve done. I know that nobody is perfect but I am a neat person who keeps my house always neat, my food is good which he loves, I’m not disrespectful. When we were getting married I helped him with some expenses. My mother gave me GHS1000 to support our feeding expenses. He moved in to this new place almost 6 months before we moved in. If there is a problem between us, I still don’t know.

Nana Yaw, you’ve blocked me and still refusing to talk to anyone. I know you don’t like your issues going out but I believe this is hard times and I need answers. What did I do to you? If you don’t want the marriage anymore, please tell me. The silence is too much.

Auntie Abena thank you for posting this for me.

Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Nana , am also pleading. What is it that u are holding on to? Pls do you still pray to God to guard ur day? Do u know is God that yoke u together? Remember the vow!!! U made before God n Man!!! Trust n Respect makes the marriage not forgotten love. Pride is before Crash which we don’t want to see that. U might regret and bring more sadness if u kept on to ur pride! Work on the marriage Fast cos U are the head of the family. Forgive n treat her right only if u want God to bless you. Will one day thank God if u heed to this advice.

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