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Letter to My Dear Husband, Jeff


How are you doing? I hope this find you well? Me I’m fine too but have this small thing I want to say to my husband. He’s Jeff.

“My dear darling sweetheart Jeff,

I’m writing this to you knowing you must have realized by now I’ve left. Yes. I’ve taken everything I own with me, all my clothes, the TV, the mattress in the Guest Room, all the things in the kitchen, the small sofa plus the dust bin. This means your side chick will no longer use my things to cook for you unless you buy them for her.

Don’t think I didn’t know what you have been doing o. I did but because you always denied it whenever I asked, I decided to keep quiet and watch. You thought I didn’t know the few times I came home early and you made her hide in the Guest Room. I know she comes over anytime I travel. You also travel with her but lie about it.

The last straw was when you rented for her this year and lied that you haven’t been paid. Your girlfriend’s expensive rent was more important than your children’s school fees? ???? My salary delayed and you know it’s less now after the loan you made me take but common GHS20 for transport to the office, you refused. Then that same day, you sent GHS183 to this girl!

I cried when I saw how you lied to me and kept expecting me to believe those lies. You’ve not bought a car tire for me before but last year bought a car for her. I’m the mother of your children but don’t deserve that luxury to drive your own kids to and from school? Are you that wicked?

Every weekend, I go to your mother’s place, cook, wash and clean for her and give her money for the week. Money that till today she thinks comes from me. Since you have my replacement, let her go and continue from where I’ve left off from this weekend. I’m tired Jeff and I believe I’ve done everything a woman can do to keep her man.

I’ve never starved you sexually and will gladly leave work to come to your office for sex if you want to. I’ve respected you as the first love of my life, my husband and father of my kids but you never appreciated it from the time we were dating to now. Don’t worry about where I’ll stay. I sorted all of that a long time ago. You can pick up the kids from my parent’s every weekend and if you refuse to send their money for their upkeep, DOVVSU is there I’m not worried.

I’m not around to slap me. You can slap my pillow. I don’t care. Mene wenum.

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Written by Abena Magis

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