Letter to Favoured


I am the most unluckiest of them all. I have had my heart broken so many times that I have now lost faith in true love. Just recently, I fell in love with a young lady. Going into the relationship, I was pessimistic as always. I thought this one too would end like the rest. As time went on I fell so madly in love with this young lady.

I begun to realize we both shared the same vision. She is so smart and driven that she instantly stole my heart. I have realized she is smarter than anyone I have ever dated but lately, she has begun to act strange. We hardly talk on the phone as much as we used to. She has started posting stuff on her status that seek to suggest she is single.

I have a hunch she is seeing someone, I fear the vibe and energy is petering out. I really believe this girl is the one and I don’t want to lose her. She is a regular on your page and will be reading comments. I want you and your fans to let her know how much I love her. Favoured Eddy, I really love you and cannot afford to lose you. Please let’s make this work.

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Written by Abena Magis

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