Letter to Didi


Thank you so much for all the good works you do for us on here and the general public. God bless you on seconds basis each day and may you live long. Kindly post this for me and alert me when you post it.

Dear one,
If I were the President of the nation, I’ll set aside a day just to honor you. One may not share the same sentiment with me on this but truth be told, you have been my backbone. Having a replay of all my existence with you, the combination of both good and bad, I feel nothing but the maximum amount of respect for you.

I’ve had a lot of women come into my life but none has attained the height you have with me. A lot come to squander, misbehave or otherwise, yet you stand tall around me at any given time. You have helped me in a lot of ways to let go of all bad behaviors and focus, which has helped me in all aspects of my life being work or personal basis. I know I am a very difficult person to deal with yet your patience in tolerating all my bad behavior and nonsense equals to none. You showed me how to man up and get things done. You’re always tired but never neglected me.
Your practical care for me is just overwhelming.

All those moments when you were mad at me simply because I wasn’t living up to the standards you expected me to, I didn’t understand at the beginning but after a thorough look at my behavior and that which you often complain about, I have become a better person. You’re not a Saint but you do channel all those energies to making the both of us better partners. You have given me your all and I want to tell you once again that you’re appreciated. I will always be there for you and love you way better than it is now. When I go wrong, just have that patience and deal with me accordingly and we move on. I pray that God helps you in that aspect for me.


To my fellow gentlemen reading this, take note that a woman who truly loves and cares for you is the one who talks about your bad habits and willing to help you change from it. Suppress your ego and realize that that’s your angel in disguise. Respect her and treat her well. Not all ladies want your money, some make it their responsibility to be the one to make you see the real you because they see and observe better than us.

Let’s try and communicate properly with our ladies and see the greatness you both achieve. And to the ladies, a little patience and understanding will help your man become a better one for you. I believe we all can make our relationships a better one because we’re tired of destroying one another everytime.

To Didi once again, we will always be that great team and nothing will come between us. Thank you pretty, I love you always.
It’s Eli…. HBK.

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Written by Abena Magis

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