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Let’s All Be Cautious But Help Others When In Need.


Hi Auntie Abena. I’m writing you this to share my experience on a near kidnap incident on KNUST campus in 2014. I was a level 400 student in baby Brunei hostel.
In fact, it was during the hall week period on campus. Every student knows how crowded campus is during these times. Pax Romana (catholic students) were having an event on royal parade grounds in the evening and I had been invited by a friend who came all the way from legon campus for the program.

I was walking back to my hostel alone after the event when a car with 4 young guys in it stopped by me and the driver screamed “ahoɔfɛ, worekɔ he? Bra na men ma wo lift.” Meaning, “Beautiful girl, where are you going? Come lemme give you a lift to your destination.” They were coming from Katanga hall road ( that’s opposite my direction tho) In fact I was around the library area when this incident happened. Mind you, although I was walking by myself, there were other students on the road too.

I declined the offer and kept on going. They drove off too. What I didn’t notice was that they had gone to take a u turn and all I saw was that they had come to cross me with the car blocking my way. I didn’t want to talk to any of them so I immediately retreated to go pass behind the car and continue my journey. It was when I got to the back of the car when I saw that one of the guys was already standing there waiting for me. He immediately grabbed my hand and started dragging me to the back car door which had already been opened by one of them already in the car whilst telling me that why am I proving difficult when all they want is to talk to me.

There were people around oo. I was struggling with this guy oo. And no one saw the need to help. I must confess, it didn’t occur to me to shout. Everything happened so fast. It was a taxi driver coming from Brunei area that saw what was happening and decided to flash his light at us. The guy got infuriated and left my hand whilst insulting the driver. I just run like my life depended on it. I looked back to be sure they weren’t following me only to see them speeding off in reverse oo. One guy who claimed passed by us whilst I was being dragged said he saw all that was happening but he assumed he was my boyfriend and we were fighting that’s why I was resisting.

Charley, guess what, 3 days later, there was a report about a girl who had gone missing. Was she kidnapped by those guys? I don’t know but I am glad I didn’t get into that car that day. These people use all kinds of schemes to get people. They appear innocent, confident and even non-suspecting. I’m just glad I’m alive to share this story today. Not even my mum knows about it because the few people I told on campus only judged and bombarded me with questions. Why didn’t you pick a car? Why didn’t you shout?

In the heat of issues, you may not be able to think about all the things you could have done that were better options than what you did. I’ve been super cautious and always dip myself in the blood of Jesus every single day. People are kidnapping others even in open spaces. If something seems too good to be true, then it’s probably too good to be true. Don’t let someone use you for enjoyment. Thank you.

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