Just Because of Politics


I’m a silent reader and also a big fan of your page and I want to thank you for everything you are doing. In fact I have learnt so many things since I joined your page and it’s really helping me and I really appreciate your good work.

Now to the reason why I am here. Some days ago after the declaration of the election results, I read some posts about people breaking up and stuff over it. Actually it was funny to me since I couldn’t figure out any reason why elections or politics should call for anger, break up and the rest but auntie Abena the same thing has happened to me and even though I don’t sound like it has pained me but it really has paaa????????

I’m an NDC member and and my guy is an Npp member. I saw a post on FB concerning some fake results and I commented which I was so sure the NPP members will come and attack me as usual. I seriously don’t do politics but when I get into the mood I tease small.

Truely too people came under my comment to make certain comments which I chose to ignore. Then came my guy’s own questioning me. It really hurt me why he will do that like he was so serious.

Actually this is the second time he has done that and it’s really annoying on how he comments. So I think it’s high time people stay away from doing politics with their partners because until you experience some you may never know how it feels. I’m really really hurt and angry ????????????????

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Written by Abena Magis

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