Job Romance Scammers


Good evening, regarding the lady a guy had sex with her without giving her a job, I think there is a particular guy who is doing that or there are some guys who are job romance scammers.

Someone also promised me the same thing. I went to the hospital and did the requested lab. He took me to the place where he claimed I will be working. Because he said I have to work in Tema, he told me he had rented a place for me there and took me to the place he said he had rented, the room was so nice.

What hurts me the most is I was already working but because I had been shown all the evidence that I was getting a better job, I resigned from my job. Everything he did seemed real. After this guy had his way and had sex with me, he started ignoring my calls. I became sick at once.

Later when he picked the calls, he told me I have infected him with gorno, and rather started insulting me for doing to him. When I went to hospital for a test they told me I was negative so obviously he lied about contracting gorno from me.

The worse of this all is because I thought I was going to start work soon at that new place, I took some of my things there. Later when I went for my things, he stole some of the things from my bag. When I asked him where they were, he started giving excuses that he is not around.

So I just want to advise our ladies to be careful because I have been a victim too. This happened just last month.

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Written by Abena Magis

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