I’ve Fallen For My Hit and Run

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I met this girl last month. She’s a very good girl that I wish I could plan my life with. She really loves me and I feel the same way for her as well but there’s a big problem that I want my fellow mates on this platform to helps me with so that I can take a good decision.

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The problem is, the girl is 29 getting to her 30’s and I’m just 21? Please do you think it will work or I should cut things before I hurt her?
Last night she was complaining about how my family will react if time reaches for me to take her home. She’s been pressuring me to visit her family but I feel so shy. I don’t know anything about all these. I just wanted to do “hit & run” but unfortunately I’m in love with her now.

She’s been hurt so many times in her past and I don’t wanna hurt her too. I want to make her happy because I like her but the age oo, the age.

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Written by Abena Magis

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