It’s a Taboo to Marry from the Same Family but I Love Her


I trust you are doing great. I’ve been on your platform not more than a month but  the level of maturity and respect your deep thinking followers share on issues is awesome and I must commend them.

Please what should I do about this? My girlfriend and I started dating while I was at the Uni and she was at the nursing college. Though we weren’t kids then, we kept the relationship low-key and that was the beginning of our end. We are actually from the same town and we love ourselves so much perhaps because we are each others first.

To cut the long story short, while we were at our various campuses chopping love secretly, my  stubborn elder brother and my girl’s sister were also chopping theirs back home. We never heard anything about it until the sister got pregnant.

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When the news was broken to my girlfriend, she “collapsed” out of shock and was rushed to the hospital. I was equally shocked and  traumatized within but  because I’m a man I covered things up. It’s a taboo in our town to have siblings marrying from the same family especially sisters which means we can’t be together again.

Now my  brother has gotten married to her sister and they are currently having two kids. I’m now working and still with my girlfriend. She’s the only woman in my life. Honestly speaking, I love her with my all in all and not ready to lose her and she does too.

This issue has left us in a situation where  both of us don’t know what to do next. Guys kindly help a brother with your opinions.

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Written by Abena Magis

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