It Takes Two To Tango.


Good afternoon aunty Abena. Kindly hide my identity and post for me. Please I’ll be reading comments all advice and criticisms are welcome. I’ll need your take as well.

Please post me anonymous. Aunty Abena, I greet you and the entire manofans. I want you and your fans to help me get a deeper understanding of this. I can’t think far at all.

I met this guy on one of the social media platform. He introduced me to your platform afterwards. He inboxed me and we took it from there. At the initial stage I didn’t take him seriously so I lied about my age and told him I am a mother of two boys and that I wouldn’t give them up for anything which were lies. He said he was ready to journey with me. I tried to play along. But as the conversation went on I learnt to reason up with him.

I learnt to like him. A day wouldn’t go by without us communicating. In fact, if I don’t answer or return his calls he goes mad. I remember, my phone got missing mid December so on that day we didn’t speak. Finally when I called him, he gave a very big sigh of relief.

He got a new job at North where his uncle also works. He introduced me to his uncle and friends from that company. He made me speak to his sister on phone. They claim the guy is so obsessed about me. He came to see my place before leaving. It was beautiful between us. He promised to come and get me this April.

Fast forward, after the new year this guy changed completely thinking he’s bought my heart and mind. He refuses to call me or answer my calls. When he answers my call he’ll say he will call shortly yet no call. During the val’s day he sent an sms which reads “Baby I love you but you won’t understand why I don’t call you these days. Happy val’s day.”

How will I know in the absence of communication? Two weeks later I tried to call him and he said the usual thing; “I’ll call you back I’m busy.” Since then I haven’t heard from him. Meanwhile, he comes online. Hope, you’re on this platform and I know you’d read this message.

It takes two to tango. If you’re not interested just let me know so that I move on peacefully. After all we are not indebted to each other. So you shouldn’t find it difficult to say I’m not interested in you simple.
Manofans please help me out. Thanks
So sorry for the long post.

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