Is There Hope Of Us Reuniting? Should I Say Yes To Him?


Good morning Abena. I would like to discuss something personal with you. If you deem it fit to post to the Abena Manokekame fans for their thoughts, it is fine. But I need your advice or thoughts on it:

I dated this guy some years ago and when we started it was very beautiful. He doesn’t talk a lot but whenever we were together, he felt at ease with me. However his attitude changed towards me when he had to move to a different area. He barely called or texted me. When he finally called, it was just to check on me. I did my best to be checking on him as well but he hardly replied to mine.

From time to time, I asked him to invite me to his new place but he would decline. I traveled out of the country during this time but his behaviour remained the same so I asked him that if he doesn’t want to continue the relationship, he should kindly let me know.

After I persisted, all that he said was: If I wasn’t happy with the relationship, I can opt out. It seemed he had already made up his mind so I let him go. I am the type who wants to know why people do the things they do so we recently reconnected and I asked him why he did that, as in giving up on us.

All he said was that he does not want to talk about it. We continued talking and he asked me for my number so I gave it out. He called me and we spoke over a long period that same day. We both asked each other about our marital status and found out we are both single.

We have been talking still and he made it known his feelings for me haven’t changed. However I don’t know if his statement is true or could be as it was way back.

He seems to have an interest in what is going on with me because I realise that whatever that I post, he watches. He came back to say we both moved on but it isn’t so, at least for me. I didnt move on for moving ons sake. I did because I wanted to make myself a better person.

Please your honest opinion Aunty Abena.
When we dated, I never asked him for a anything, but I always tried to support him in my own little way. He is a good person, but most often in life, situations push us to do things. Thag is how I see things. Somehow I feel an iota of attraction towards him and I still care very much about him as I did years ago.

Aunty Abena, you know, I am very hardworking, respectful, industrious and I always want to get things for myself without depending on a man. I need your opinion. What should I do?

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