Is Something Still Going On With Them?


Good morning auntie and I believe God is keeping you safe. Please a little advice is needed and kindly keep me anonymous.

There’s this guy in his late 30s I’ve been dating for almost a year and a half now. He has a baby with someone else. 6 months into our relationship was his bday.

I wished him in advance and even on the d day. 4 months after his bday was mine but he forgot totally and two days after he was like “eii last 2 days was your bday right?” He apologized for not wishing me but I told him to just forget cos it’s normal.

We had been together for like 10 months when that incident happened. Auntie, could you believe he posted his baby mama on Valentine’s Day, wishing her both valentine and bday at the same time??

I called for a break up and he said I’m exaggerating cos he’s told me there’s nothing going on between them, just friendship.

I’m confused now as to believe what he’s saying and continue to be with him or I should just leave. I’m in my early 30s. Please what should I do?
Thanks I will be reading comments.

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