Is She Cheating With My Brother?


Please I am a silent, cherished fan on your page. I have a serious problem that I want your noble fans to help me out but please kindly hide my identity.

I am dating a lady. We all knew each other even both parents, brothers and sisters knew us.The lady lost her dad some years back, this made her move from Acrra to her mom’s place at the village. So our relationship became distant one nu some.

Our relationship became more tight to the extent that we trusted each other very well. So as tym went one I had the chance to pay her a visit at the village.

With her der, she could receive missed calls lyk 5, continuous, from one particular number. In my presence, she refused to pick the calls and this made me to suspect her. I intentionally took her phone and went thru her call history to see the number.

As I did, I got to notice it was my junior brother calling her and I asked why she is not attending to the calls and the response she gave wasn’t holding so I forgot about it.

Some 5 months later, I paid her a visit again and her phone rang and she wasn’t around so I took the phone to see who at all called. Just to realize its ma same junior brother. This gave me a despodent thought about it. So I became suspicious of her.

I adviced her indirectly that I don’t lyk it so she should put a stop to it. She responded on it well. We all started Uni and during this Easter break, I paid another visit to her.

Whiles we were in the room,her phone rang again and she was next to me on the bed. She saw that the phone was ringing but she refused to answer. So I took the phone to give to her and in the process of giving it to her, I realized it was the same number and asked her to call the number in ma presence and she called.

She spoke for few minutes and she ended it. After the call, I took the phone whilst she was asleep. I went to the call history, to the previous call durations. Some were 2 hrs, 1 had at least 45 minutes. When she woke up, I asked her dat wat has ma brother been asking asking her dat kept him always calling.

She didn’t give me any tangible reason. She claimed he calls to check up on her bla bla bla. I asked her again when was the last time he called. She told me that she can’t recollect which was lie.

This kept me thinking of it saaaa so d tym I was about to leave, I took the phone again just to go thru d contact. By then she cleared the call history.. So it travelled to me that she was cheating, cos if it were something open she would have left the call history lyk dat but she deleted all.

I wanted to quit the relationship but don’t know wat to do. Madam pls let your noble fans advice me on this matter cos is above my understanding. Kindly let me know when you post it. Thanks very much.

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